Removing Uninvited Individuals from Your Property

As a resident of the downtown Los Angeles area, you may or may not have concerns about the homeless problem and the need to sometimes remove unwanted individuals who camp out on your property sometimes causing or attracting unwanted problems. DTLA Patrol addresses these issues head-on by working closely with local law enforcement, neighborhood watch, and various other organizations to combat the fears and realities of homless activity on our streets and possible street crimes and petty theft.

Your concerns are those of protecting you, your friends and loved ones, your businesses and employees from being involved in unnecessary incidents. DTLA Patrol officers are highly trained in law enforcement techniques and have the equipment to effectively asses your communities concerns with the homeless, vagrants, transients, intoxicated or drug induced behaviors, as well as vandalism and petty crime. Because of our local experience, we recognize the problem and drive solutions to mitigate your risks.

With constraints on the budgets of local law enforcement agencies resulting in decreased patrols, less area coverage and slower response times, more and more business and residential customers are electing to contract private patrols to protect them, their property and valuables. DTLA Patrol wants to fill that void and serve your protective services needs.

Your safety, as well as those around you, is the primary concern of our patrol officers. We remain vigilant in guarding your business, property, home, apartment and valuables whether it’s a call response, alarm activation or while on regular patrol 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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