Special Response Unit

DTLA Patrol is offering a unique service to its customers in serving their critical time-sensitive requests for protective services. Time is of the essence when responding to your call for service or alarm and often times, traffic can cause harmful delays. DTLA Patrol has developed a unique way to avoid lengthy response times due to increasing traffic congestion by introducing our Special Response Unit.

Our special motorcycle unit can easily bypass traffic delays and respond to your call faster than a normal patrol car and avoid potentially unwanted consequences. And, there is no additional cost for this unique service that is included in all of our patrol services contracts. That’s the value-add of DTLA Patrol services and it’s continuing efforts to remain at the forefront in serving the safety needs of the residents and business owners of the Downtown Los Angeles area.

Your safety, as well as those around you, is the primary concern of our patrol officers and more importantly, the speed in which we respond. Any delay can cause unwanted consequences and the Rapid Response Team can help to mitigate those risks. We remain vigilant in protecting your business, property, home, apartment and valuables, quickly, effectively and professionally, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


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