At Your Service 24/7

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to your emergency and protective needs, DTLA Patrol offers the following services to the downtown community—individuals, businesses, institutions, single residences or residential complexes—that can be customized and packaged to meet your needs. 

Business / Residential

  • Alarm Response
  • Call-Response Patrol
  • Private Patrol
  • Parking Enforcement
  • Trespassing/Transient Eviction
  • Vandalism / Graffiti Prevention / Gang Suppression


  • Alarm Response
  • Call-Response Patrol
  • Security Patrol / Vacation Watch
  • Residential/Private Communities
  • Community Property Patrol
  • Dedicated Patrol

Additional Services

  • Construction Site Security / Patrol
  • Educational Facilities Security / Patrol   
  • Corporate/Special Events
  • Off-Duty Law Enforcement Officers
  • Remote Camera Monitoring

Protective Safety Escort

  • Personal
  • Business

Patrol Scheduling Options

Select your scheduling options for patrol inspections on your terms and more importantly with flexibility. Whether you enter into a month-to-month contract or take advantage of the more cost-effective annual contract, you can schedule your patrol inspections to be random or at desired specified times.

For example, if your property is scheduled for three inspections within a 24 hour period, you can request one random Patrol during the day, another during the evening and the third inspection at a specified hour. The Patrol inspections services may be increased or decreased at any time.

Whether you're choosing more patrol visits or wanting to combine services, you can mix and match as needed. We will work with you to develop an operations plan that maximizes your schedule options to realize the true benefits of your investment in year-round law enforcement coverage.

Backup Officer Coverage

When you sign a contract for a fixed post, you are not only hiring one officer, you have the entire fleet the Downtown Los Angeles Patrol when and if needed. For example, you have a DTLA Security officer on your site. Officer reognises a bigger threat, or foresees needing back the sentry officer will summon a patrol car for backup


Protecting You with Services Designed for You

At Downtown Los Angeles Patrol, we understand the diversity and demographics of the downtown Los Angeles area, enabling us to help our clients develop long-term security strategies to offer the right services at the right time.

We focus on the quality of our services by setting very high standards that are currently not being offered by other “security guard type” companies, who are not adapting to the ever changing needs and demographics of the community they serve.

We do not compete on price alone, as most other companies we do. We work closely with you to understand your specific needs and develop a package of services that is cost-effective for your requirements. We pride ourselves in establishing long-term relationships with our clients and offering personalized quality protective services to protect you and your community.


Added Value of Your Protective Services


Special Response Unit

Time is of the essence when responding to your call or alarm and often times, traffic can cause harmful delays. DTLA Patrol has developed a unique way to avoid lengthy response times due to increasing traffic congestion by introducing our Rapid Response Team. Our special motorcycle unit can easily bypass traffic delays and respond to your call faster than a normal patrol car and avoid potentially unwanted consequences. And, there is no additional cost for this unique service that is included in all of our patrol services contracts.

Contact us today for a complimentary consultation and appraisal of your protective services needs.