Resolving Parking Issues

DTLA Patrol offers Parking Enforcement services to both businesses and residential communities. If you have parking issues with unauthorized vehicles using your parking spaces and/or blocking access to your property, or using Disabled Parking without proper permits, DTLA Patrol officers can cite and have unauthorized vehicles towed from your property at the vehicle owner's expense. Officers will sign for tow authorizations and provide detailed violation reports with digital photos. DTLA Patrol has also developed a vehicle tracking system proven to work against guest parking violators. We also check and verify all parking  permits and ensure that they are used and displayed correctly

Guest Parking Enforcement for Residential Communities

Most residential communities are limited as to the number of guest parking spaces available. Many residents and guests of a community abuse parking privilege by ignoring the rules that have been put in place to ensure that there is ample parking spaces available for your guests and family visits.

DTLA Patrol has many effective techniques, that will help reduce the number of guest parking violators in your community. Please call for more details and we would be more than happy to help you explore your options.

Working with Stakeholders and Community

DTLA Patrol will work with all stakeholders to avoid parking issues and find sensible solutions. We are available to work with HOA’s,  business and property owners by attending neighborhood watch, neighborhood council, and other community meetings, to keep abreast of news, information, and changing situations in the neighborhood which helps us to be more adaptable and flexible in meeting the changing demands of all community stakeholders. In addition to engaging in the dialogue, we can answer questions about our service and security to maintain a good rapport with residents and the law enforcement agencies and local officials. In some cases, we may also attend resident hearings or annual homeowner meetings to remain involved or if needed, to deter a potential hostile environment.