Keeping a Watch to Keep Out Gangs and Vandalism

As a resident of the downtown Los Angeles area, you may or may not have concerns about gang activity. Regardless, it’s all around us and a tough issue to address and deal with effectively. DTLA Patrol addresses these issues head-on by working closely with local law enforcement, neighborhood watch, and various other organizations to combat the fears and realities of gang activity on our streets.

Your concerns are those of protecting you, your friends and loved ones, your businesses and employees from being involved in unnecessary incidents. DTLA Patrol officers are highly trained in law enforcement techniques and have the equipment to effectively asses your communities concerns with gangs, vandalism, graffiti and various criminal behavior . Because of our vast amount of experience with local gangs, we can recognize the problem and drive solutions to mitigate your risks.

One of the biggest deterrents that we offer is easily recognizable patrol vehicles and uniformed, armed officers. With DTLA Patrol on your property, be it through Dedicated Patrol or Patrol Response services, your risk is diminished.

With constraints on the budgets of local law enforcement agencies resulting in decreased patrols, less area coverage and slower response times, more and more business and residential customers are electing to contract private patrols to protect them, their property and valuables. DTLA Patrol wants to fill that void and serve your protective services needs.

Special Response Unit

Time is of the essence when responding to your call or alarm and often times, traffic can cause harmful delays. DTLA Patrol has developed a unique way to avoid lengthy response times due to increasing traffic congestion by introducing our Rapid Response Team. Our special motorcycle unit can easily bypass traffic delays and respond to your call faster than a normal patrol car and avoid potentially unwanted consequences. And, there is no additional cost for this unique service that is included in all of our patrol services contracts.

Backup Officer Coverage

When you sign a contract for a fixed post  patrol service, you are not only hiring one officer, you have the backup of DTLA Patrol when and if needed.

With other companies the guard would call local law enforcement and wait for them to show up costing you customers! at DTLA Patrol your onsite officer observes multiple subjects loitering outside he radios our 24 hour a day dispatch center for back up and a patrol car or Special Response Unit will arrive and assist your on site officer. 

Contact us today for a complimentary consultation and appraisal of your protective services needs.