Our Dedicated Patrol services offer you a patrol officer and vehicle assigned exclusively to your property—commercial, residential, construction sites, educational and religious institutions, communities and common areas—when needed for as long as needed on a short or long term basis. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs and requirements so that we recommend the best way to accommodate your request and budget.

With constraints on the budgets of local law enforcement agencies resulting in decreased patrols, less area coverage and slower response times, more and more business and residential customers are electing to contract private patrols to protect them, their property and valuables. DTLA Patrol wants to fill that void and serve your protective services needs with a Dedicated Patrol.

Responding and Resolving Situations

Our professional armed and unarmed officers in marked vehicles will respond quickly to investigate any suspicious persons or packages on or near your property. We will apprehend and arrest suspects if necessary and engage local law enforcement agencies when needed.

Whether a local business, home, loft or apartment, gated community with public or private streets, DTLA Patrol capron provide a Dedicated Patrol for surveillance, crime prevention, apprehend and arrest suspects,  handle disturbances, trespassing, parking enforcement, vandalism and graffiti, rules and hours enforcement, to bring about a safe and secure solution and reassure your peace of mind.

Involved with Stakeholders and Community

If a Dedicated Patrol is on-site at a gated community, or common area of complexes, DTLA Patrol is available to attend neighborhood watch, neighborhood council, and other community meetings, to keep abreast of news, information, and changing situations in the neighborhood which helps us to be more adaptable and flexible in meeting the changing demands of all community stakeholders. In addition to engaging in the dialogue, we can answer questions about our service and security to maintain a good rapport with residents and the law enforcement agencies and local officials. In some cases, we may also attend resident hearings or annual homeowner meetings to remain involved or if needed, to deter a potential hostile environment. 

Maintenance and Security:

Observed maintenance problems and security issues such as vandalism, graffiti, malfunctioning lights, inoperable doors, gates, locks, water leaks etc. are reported with digital photos.


We employ a unique database technology for reporting and documenting information on events and incidents, trespass warnings, parking violations and crime related intelligence. It comes standard to provide next day automatic reports delivery to clients through email or fax as a PDF file.

Process Serving:

Notices to residents or tenants such as 3 day pay or quit, or warnings can be served by our officers anytime by scheduling or called in to our station.